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Take A Paws

Welcome to Paws For Coffee! We are super excited you are here. We aren’t just a dog friendly Café; we are a dog loving café! In fact, we love doggies so much that we have two menus; One for humans and one for dogs!

Our Cafe is built to be the best and offers way beyond a traditional coffee shop! For the humans, we have traditional breakfast choices such as our Big Breakfast, as well as plenty of healthy options (including gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan). Our lunch menu offers a wide variety, from panini and sandwiches, to salads and Things on Toast!

Hampton Hill

hampton hill paws for cofee

41 High Street, Hampton Hill
TW12 1NB

East Sheen

east sheen paws for cofee

364 Upper Richmond Road, East Sheen
London, SW14 7JU

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dog cafe

Our New Training Café

We have two sites; our original coffee shop in Hampton and our brand new world first Cafe training school in Sheen! Our training school has been designed exclusively for dog owners to come down and experience something completely unique, from doggie pick and mix, to a homemade bakery for dog treats!

So whether you are looking for a 1 on 1 session with your dog, a 6 week training course or a home visit, we’ve got it all here! You can see what is available for you and your dog on our booking form and our events page where you can check out that we have going on down at our Sheen training centre.